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RCS-300MDX1/2 or RCS-300VDX1/2 transmitter

RCS-300MDX1/2 or RCS-300VDX1/2 is the model # for our 300MHz dip-switch transmitters. These transmitters replace the Multicode 3089/3060/3070 transmitters. This dip-switch transmitter gives you the ease of dip-switch technology that works with existing Multicode systems.

Product brochure (RCS-300VDX1)

Product brochure (RCS-300VDX2)

Note: Order in multiples of 5.

  • 1 or 2 Button Dip-Switch Transmitter
  • 10-Dip Switch
  • Replaces Linear Multi-code 3060, 3089, 3070, 4120, 3083