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RCS-433CTG1/2/4 transmitter

RCS-433CTG1/2/4 channel transmitter AM (Black/grey Buttons) Rolling Code Keeloq‚ Transmitter Innovative design, ergonomic and fine shape; dynamic code with high level of reliability; Rolling code encoded in factory in an encrypted and not reproducible way; 264 code combinations. Range: 60 ÷ 120 yd - Frequency 433,92 MHz - Modulation AM / ASK. Power supply : 12V Alkaline battery 23A Dim. 2,36 x 1,41 x 0,62 in. 1, 2 or 4 channel transmitter AM (Black/Grey Buttons)…………………RCS-433CTG1/2/4 Compatible receivers : RCS-433R, and RCS-UB.

RCS-433CTG 1/2/4 is the model # for our line of single and two button 433MHz rolling-code wiegand transmitters. These transmitters work with the RCS-433R, which wires in directly with any 26-Bit wiegand output entry system. The range on these transmitters is double anything out on the market today. We have seen this transmitter get up to 500 ft!

Product brochure (RCS-433CTG1/2)

Product brochure (RCS-433CTG4)

Note: Order in multiples of 10.

  • 1, 2 or 4 Button Individually Numbered Programmable Tx
  • 433MHz Mini Key-chain Style
  • Use with RCS-433R